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Things are Changing

20190930_192343  After 5 years of appliance repair service it is time to get back to carving. I’m thankful for what I learned and how I changed during those years.  Also, I’m thankful for this place in time and the freedom I have in this country to do such a crazy and wonderful thing we call carving wooden spoons. Crazy? Well, maybe not to those reading this, but to those haven’t caught the bug.  But to those of us who have, we see the beauty that can be captured in a small bit of wood carefully sculpted into a lovely form, not just that but also lovingly molded to hand and mouth, and also there is the beauty of pulling back the veil and peering into the beauty that lies beneath the rough exterior of a tree.

Oh yeah, about the change 🙂 well, if you would like to find out about that check out our vlog The Cooper Camper Chronicles link below https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE3HZkDaPNR2bZpo6WMdu8w

Eating Spoons !!!

The first picture is a eating spoon made of sugar maple $45, Second is made from an Apple crook $57 , the last four are made of maple ( Heather made the one on the left $40 (these would be great for kolrosing starting at $10). +Shipping DM me


Three spreaders


3 Maple spreaders to choose from, the one on the left is great for spreading from a butter dish, the two on the right are great for a jar or butter dish. 7″ long $20 +shipping send me an email woodisgood85@yahoo.com

Spreader w/ Snail


I love this speader that Heather made the kolrosed snail is great! 8″ long $25 +shipping e-mail me woodisgood85@yahoo.com

Apple Ladle

This is a sweet stirring ladle made from an Apple crook. It sure is getting a nice color to it. It’s been hand sanded to a fine polish, feels great in the hand $45 +shipping send me an e-mail woodisgood85@yahoo.com

Stirring Spatulas


These stirring spatulas are great, as you can see in the second picture the ergonomics are well thought out. Fits in your palm like a glove. $4O +shipping, also Heather would love incise (kolrose) a word or design on them starting at $10 send me an e-mail woodisgood85@yahoo.com