Hollowing a Spoon Bowl with an Gouge (from old blog)

Here’s a video I shot about hollowing a spoon bowl with an gouge.


Tim Cooper

In this I mentioned the videos and books I learned from. Here they are Carving Swedish Woodenware DVD ( http://www.pinewoodforge.com/JoggeDVD.html ) , Green Woodworking ( http://www.countryworkshops.org/books.html ), and Country Woodcraft ( http://www.amazon.com/Country-Woodcraft-Drew-Langsner/dp/0878572007/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1378874501&sr=1-2 ) Also Swedish carving Techniques by Wille Sunquist which I didn’t mention is the best book I’ve read on the subject also explains this technique. The gouges mentioned are Henry Taylor 3/4″ 8 sweep and 3/4″ 5 sweep (I could be wrong about the width mine measure 13/16″ O.D.) , and Hans Karlsson are I believe model H-102 and H-111 ( http://www.countryworkshops.org/gouges.html )


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