My Journey as an Artisan

Since I was a child, I have had a gift for creating objects of all kinds–including origami and sculpting with clay. As a teen, I became interested in traditional methods of crafting things from wood with hand tools. Roy Underhill and Eric Sloane inspired me to pursue this interest.
About twelve years ago, I was introduced to the Swedish woodcarving of Wille Sundqvist. Through Wille Sundqvist and Drew Langsner’s writings, I learned the simple joy of making things with simple tools, but more importantly to carefully consider beauty and function in what I make.
Others who have had an important influence on my work include Jogge Sundqvist, Del Stubbs, Robin and Nicola Wood, and Tom Dengler.
I have grown to love making things by hand. I love the process–from the adventure of opening a log and seeing what hidden beauty might lay within to oiling a finished piece and seeing the depth of the wood’s beauty revealed.
I believe My Creator has given me the ability and purpose to create. So, I strive to use and grow in this ability to His glory.

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